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We Tried 3 Popular Anti-Snoring Devices

After years of sleeping next to a snoring partner, can putting an end to noisy nights really be as simple as clicking “Buy It Now” on Amazon?

Share on PinterestOur willing guinea pig tried all three devices at once — not advised if you want to be able to breathe. Photo via Jase Peeples

We’ve all seen those devices. You know, the ones in infomercials and Instagram ads that are somehow each “clinically proven” to be a miracle snoring solution.

I used to roll my eyes every time I came across a commercial for one of these contraptions. But then I started to live with someone who snores.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been jolted awake in our San Francisco home thinking “the big one” just hit California, only to realize the rumble that shook me out of my dream was simply my husband, John, snoring less than a foot away.

Suddenly, those ads for over-the-counter snoring gadgets began to look pretty promising.

So, after a particularly noisy night, we recently looked at some of the top options on Amazon and decided to give three different devices a try.

Anti Snore Chin Strap

The first device we ordered gave us both a good laugh when it arrived. John tried it on the second we opened the package, and yes, the Anti Snore Chin Strap looks every bit as ridiculous as you think.

It’s a simple neoprene strap that fits under the chin, wraps around the sides of the head, and fastens with adjustable Velcro straps at the back.

The purpose of the strap is to hold the wearer’s mouth closed as they sleep in order to keep open-mouth snoring from occurring throughout the night.

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2 in 1: Anti Snoring & Air Purifier

Share on PinterestIt promises not only to stop snoring but also purify the air. Photo via Jase Peeples

Made of plastic and medical-grade silicone, this anti-snoring gadget comes in a reusable case and is supposed to fit snugly in the wearer’s nostrils.

The packaging claims the front “snore reduction vents have been scientifically designed to maximize airflow through the nasal passage ways” and the silicone prongs that are inserted into the wearer’s nose “comfortably fit different size of nasal passages.”

Right out of the box, the 2 in 1: Anti Snoring & Air Purifier gave off what John described as a “gross plastic chemical smell” when he held it up to his nose. In fact, it was so strong he couldn’t try it on until we thoroughly washed it with soap and warm water twice to reduce the harsh scent.

Breathe Right Nasal Strips

These clear plastic adhesive strips are worn over the bridge of the nose and have “spring-like” bands that lift the nasal passages, supposedly opening them wider to improve airflow.

Each strip is individually packaged and has a peel-away backing (similar to bandages) for easy application over the nose.

However, because these disposable strips are only good for one use each, there’s quite a bit of unnecessary waste associated with this product.

Anti Snore Chin Strap

Though the Anti Snore Chin Strap is advertised on its packaging as being made from a “breathable” and “comfortable” material, John found the device made his head feel “a little too warm” in the spots it covered about 15 minutes after he put it on.

He described it as, “not the worst thing, but definitely not comfortable either.”

Shortly after John fell asleep that night, he began to snore. However, I quickly noticed the sound of his snoring was different. It came in starts and stops, a choppy noise that wasn’t like his normal snoring at all.

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In fact, it sounded like he was having a more difficult time breathing.

Concerned, I woke him up and had him take it off. Not only did the Anti Snore Chin Strap fail to stop John’s snoring, it was now keeping me awake with worry it would interfere with his breathing while he slept.

2 in 1: Anti Snoring & Air Purifier

The instructions that came with the next device we tested claimed it would keep the wearer’s airway open to “improve nose breathing and reduce snoring.”

However, aside from being Instagram gold (John looked like he was wearing scuba diving gear straight out of a science fiction film when he shoved this thing in his nose), the 2 in 1 device was completely useless.

In fact, John said he had more difficulty exhaling out of his nose with the device in, making it more difficult for him to fall asleep.

Once he did fall asleep, the device kept falling out as he tossed throughout the night. The two ribbed silicone tubes that gently hug the wearer’s…

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